Policies and Fees

Policies for Speech Therapy at Therwil and Riehen locations

Valid from Nov 2019


Absence / Session Cancellation.  Please notify your Speech Therapist or send an email to aheadwithenglishCH@gmail.com with a minimum of 24 hours’ notice if you or your child will miss a session.  If timely notice is not received, you will be billed for the missed session. 


Billing.  Speech Therapy sessions are billed monthly.  Please make payment as stated on the invoice you receive.  If payment is not received in a timely manner, we reserve the right to charge late-payment penalties: CHF 25.00 for the first reminder, CHF 50.00 for the second reminder and CHF 100.00 for the third reminder. Thereafter the bill will be sent to a collection agency.


Fees.  Speech Therapy Service Fees effective from November 2019


Insurance.  Each person is required to have his/her own health and accident insurance.  Ahead With English is not liable for any injuries incurred while participating in Ahead With English activities.  Children and adults are responsible for any property damage they cause while at Ahead With English.


Personal belongings.  Please label all personal belongings.  Ahead With English cannot be responsible for any personal belongings left by children on our premises.


Privacy of Information. Ahead With English uses your Personal Information only for the professional delivery of high quality services.  We may use it to contact you with newsletters or material and information we deem useful.


Safety and Well-Being. The safety and well-being of all is a top priority at Ahead With English.  It is important we have an emergency contact person for each child in the event of an emergency and that we are given information about any health issues a child may have.  We are not responsible for children outside of their session times.  Parents allowing children to travel to and from sessions on their own do so at their own risk.


Sick Children.  Please do not bring sick children to appointments.  Please be considerate of our teachers and of others.  General guidelines:  keep your children at home if they feel unwell and/or have had fever, diarrhea or vomiting in the previous 24 hours.


Speech Therapy Sessions.  Speech Therapy sessions run for half an hour or an hour as agreed ahead of time with the Speech Therapist.  Following the Speech Therapy Evaluation, a block of 10 Speech Therapy Sessions will be scheduled.  After the first block of 10 sessions, future sessions will be scheduled as agreed with the Speech Therapist.


Your comments.  We are always interested in what you have to say.  Please share your ideas, suggestions, questions and comments with us.  Write to us at aheadwithenglishCH@gmail.com or call Simone on 061 421 4109 and leave a message and she will call you back.

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