Simone Littlejohn  

Owner and Director

Teacher of English for English Speakers and

Teacher of English for Speakers of Other Languages


Simone is from the US and grew up in Brazil.  She worked in banking  before moving to the Basel area with her family in 1995.  Shortly after arriving, she wrote Family Fun - A Guide to Outings in the Basel Area then she became certified to teach English and started Ahead With English with Maria Stepan in 2005. 

She is a founding member of ASA A Step Ahead, a Swiss foundation dedicated to teaching English to children for free in the slums of Rio de Janeiro.  

Simone enjoys being a student as much as she enjoys teaching.  In recent years, she has collected several certifications including teaching Business English at Trinity College, London and is currently attending the University of Sankt Gallen earning a CAS in General Management.  

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