Recent reviews and comments from parents and pupils.

"I am really pleased with our son's progress.  He really enjoys his time at the English school and his English has improved a lot! 

Thank You!!      2020

"I have been impressed with the virtual classes - well done!  They were well-prepared, well-organized and well executed.

Thank You     2020

"We have been delighted with the classes at Ahead With English and I never fail to give the school my most heartfelt recommendation whenever I get the opportunity to tell people either about the preschool or about the English classes."  2017

"Our daughter has really enjoyed the last year and we can see that her reading has really developed and she has made great progress. 

Thank you!"     2020

"Thank you for your amazing teaching..... There are few people that touch your childrens lives that have a long and lasting impact and your teacher is one of those.

Thank you! Thank you!"   2016

"I have been delighted by the huge progress over the years that our son has made - particularly with his spelling, writing and creative expression.

Every teacher he has had has been a real inspiration."     2019

"We have noticed with pleasure the improvements our son has made in his reading and writing and his willingness to use these skills confidently across many languages."


"Our daughter's reading this year has come on leaps and bounds.  She always enjoys coming to lessons and after class she is eager to read her book. 

Thank you AWE for all your hard work."


"Thank you for teaching our daughter English in such a playful and colourful way!"   2019

"At the beginning of the school year our son wasn't ready to start learning his phonics but he's making progress and having fun while doing it!"   2019

"Our thanks to all the staff at AWE for providing our daughter with a safe environment and for giving her the opportunity to grow."   2018

"Our daughter has really enjoyed being at AWE and has talked enthusiastically about all the topics she has been working on.  We are extremely pleased with the progress she has made in her reading and writing skills.   2017

"Our son enjoys the classes at AWE very much.  We think he was included in the class very quickly.  He especially likes the reading.  We noticed that he progressed very well."   2018

"We are very happy with our daughter's teachers.  It's amazing how much she's learnt in one year!"   2017

"I am proud of myself!"   2016

"You give our daughter the right mix of play and work to make learning fun!"  2017

"Thank you for a fun class!"   2019

"Thank you for a great years learning. We've really seen an improvement.  I've been very impressed by the course and the combination of focused worksheets and more playful activities".   2016

"I have a super teacher.  I can speak better English now!"   2018

"Thank you to my teacher!

You did a good job!"   2017

"I love my Ahead With English class!"   2019

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