How to pay your invoice

You can pay your invoice in two ways:

1. with a direct bank transfer


2. with a major credit card if you have a PayPal account.

To pay with a bank transfer, please use the bank details below.

To pay with a credit card, click the blue button and follow the instructions below.

Instructions to pay your invoice using a major credit card and a PayPal account

1. Click the button above

2. Click 'Next'  - it is not necessary to enter the CHF amount on the first screen

3. Enter the amount in CHF due as stated on your invoice on the second screen 

4. Also on the second screen, enter your child / children's full name(s) in the "add a note" box

5. Your address should appear in the  "shipping address" box

6. Click 'Continue'

7. Review the information and if everything is correct, click 'Send Money Now'  

Ahead With English

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Basellandschaftliche Kantonalbank

4410 Liestal

Ahead With English GmbH   

answered during school hours:  061 506 3336

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Känelmattweg 5, 4106 Therwil, Switzerland

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