Andrea Falcigno

Ahead With Reading Coordinator and Social Media Coordinator

Andrea was born in Basel, Switzerland, but grew up speaking English at home . Her family was sent to Switzerland for an 18-month assignment and after over 20 years they are all happily settled here. She attended Swiss Public School from playgroup through University and is a fluent bilingual.


Her “Schwerpunktfach” or major in high school was art and she studied English and Sociology at University. During that time she worked at Ahead With English as a Teacher’s Assistant and realized she loved working with children. Also having a strong interest in organization, planning and marketing, she completed a one-year internship at eventerlebnis GmbH as an Event Coordinator.


She now works at ELA Basel as a German Teacher’s Assistant and enjoys combining her love of teaching and organization. She is also very excited to aid Ahead With English in their marketing and online presence.


She loves spending her spare time with family and friends, horseback riding and having long discussions with her musician boyfriend.

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