December 2019 - January 2020 - News & Events


New in Riehen !

Pre-school opening Monday mornings
from 9 - 11:30am along with our usual Wednesday mornings in Riehen.

Contact us for a free morning visit.

Find out when our Adult Conversation Classes are on:

2019 11 english for adults ad new format

Find out how our Speech Therapist can help you:


There will be no classes between:

21 December 2019 and the 5 January 2020.

If you wish to contact us please write via our e-mail address and we will reply as soon as possible.

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Young Readers Book Club at AWE

We would love to start up our own Book club for young readers in Therwil.

Please contact us if your child would be interested.

For more information and dates for our next meetings for our two book clubs in Riehen, please visit our: 

Young Readers Book Club Page

Ahead With English GmbH   

leave us a message:  061 421 4109 

send us an e-mail:

Känelmattweg 5, 4106 Therwil, Switzerland

Gartengasse 18, 4125 Riehen, Switzerland

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