Joy Pénard

Speech-language pathologist - Speech therapist at Ahead With English (visit our Speech Therapy page)

Teacher of classes for English Speakers, English for Speakers of Other Languages and Pre-school Assistant in Therwil

Joy obtained her master's degree in speech and language pathology and communication disorders from the University of Texas at Dallas.  While in the university setting, Joy contributed to research in children with cochlear implants, language disorders and on the autistic spectrum. 


Her professional experience stretches across the lifespan, from babies and young children, school-age children and adolescents, through to adults in both schools and medical facilities. She has over nine years of experience in speech therapy. Her qualifications have been recognized by Switzerland. 

In addition to the US, Joy has lived in Ireland and Germany, and has now settled in the Dreiländereck. She enjoys the  mix of cultures and languages flourishing around her. These experiences bring a deep understanding of the needs of multilingual families.